Ghost Ship – Poem

A melancholy breeze whistles through the air
A refrain from the bowels of the ocean.
Alone you stand,
Triumphant as the dark dank sea wrestles with your boughs.
You never surrender.
Oily seals, slick like corpses resurrected from the dead, seek refuge on the rugged rock on which you are moored.
Your Calvary.

Steel Anchors, cold, grey perpetual safe holds,
Like great legs beneath you,
Roots to another world,
Emit a guttural cry as they are parted
From their eternal resting place.
How sorry they are to set you free,
Their shrill cry turns day to night
Forgive them for they know not what they have done.

Luminous glow, sanctuary of the sea,
That pierces through the darkness like a sword through the heart of a man.

Who will dare to extinguish your light?
Saviour of souls lost at sea.
Rather them than me!

Caroline Busher


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