Road Diverted – Poem

The road diverted on the night when you took me to the woods to stare at the sky.
We crept from our beds into the tranquil night’s air,

Hearts fluttering like butterflies released from their cocoons.
Scared to breath in case we should alter the fragility of the night and lose it forever.

You held my hand as you have many times since. Its warmth palpable.
Effervescent mist hung all around us.

You started the car engine,

It roared like a sullen beast awoken from a melancholy existence.
Snow transformed into stars and moved across the windscreen and I felt as though we were leaving this world behind.

The road diverted and we turned to the right.

You parked the car at the edge of the forest.
The snow beneath our feet transmuted into a bright light, which transcended night and day,

As stark fragile branches on ancient trees like bony fingers on an old mans hand pointed to the heavens above.

A tear stung my eyes as I beheld the complexity of the sky above me.
A curtain of vivid colours danced effortlessly through the air lighting up the night sky like a gateway to another world.
Souls of people gone before.

The beauty of Aurora Borealis took my breath away and I felt it might never return again.

Telegraph poles stood precariously, Signposts to another world.
In the distance the sun began to rise.

A faint orange orb almost an intruder,

An echoed reminder of the transience of nature, the fragility of life.

A sense of wonder was replaced by panic as I realized that nothing was constant.

Snowflakes melt into icy graves,
Day becomes night and the ebb and flow of life would one day cease to exist.

However you would always be there.

Caroline Busher


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