Where and when do you write?

I often hear writers asked where and when do you write? Although the answers vary for example some writers work in the middle of the night, whereas some write better first thing in the morning, when the birds are chirping in the sky and the smell of fresh coffee wafts through the air. There is one thing however that all good writers have in common and that is that they do write. A good writer is disciplined and will make the time to put words on the page to allow them to spill from their imagination onto the blank page one by one until a short story a poem or a novel takes shape. Their is no winning formula. No great mystique, every writer must find their formula, what works for them and when they find it they must stick to it and when they do great things can happen.


2 thoughts on “Where and when do you write?

  1. I typically write when I first get up, end up taking a break midday as my brain gets fatigued, then resume mid-evening. Usually from home but sometimes at coffee shops to have some variety.

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