Do all writers have a cabin in the woods?

When people are asked to think of writers they often conjure up an image in their mind of solitary nocturnal creatures who sit with furrowed brows behind large oak desks (although the type of wood used to make the desk often differs) with perhaps a decanter of whiskey perched on a shelf nearby. The location that they write in is thought to be isolated, perhaps they write nestled away in a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere or up on a mountain top overlooking the sea. Such creative beings do not need the guidance of others unless it’s to mop their furrowed brows or to pour them another glass of whiskey. However, in order for writers to write they need inspiration. This inspiration may come from people watching. Keeping company with other tortured souls such as artists, musicians and other bohemian types who know what it is to suffer for their art. This romantic view of what a what a writer does is summed up quite nicely in the quote by one of the best fiction Writers of all times Ernest Hemmingway “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed”.
I don’t have a large wooden desk with a decanter of whiskey on the side or a secluded cabin in the woods and I certainly do not have a group of tortured artists who come around and mop my furrowed brow whilst talking and dancing under a moonlit sky. But I am a writer just the same I get up each day and put pen to paper or type onto a blank screen on my computer with a mug of coffee at my side and I wonder where the hours have gone as I enter a fictional world and bring characters to life on a page. However, if one day I acquire an isolated cabin in the woods with a large wooden desk on which to perch my books I would gladly accept it. Although I would have to draw the line at the whiskey.


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