Summer Workshops

I will be facilitating four summer workshops for children at Enniscorthy library, in August as part of the summer reading challenge. They will take place on 12th and 14th August and I have developed them to help introduce children to the world of fairy tales and classical children’s literature.

Lost In A Fairy Tale World – 5-8 Year Olds

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be lost in a fairy tale world, like Hansel and Gretel or Alice in Wonderland? In these two unique workshops children will delve into their imaginations by re-imagining their favourite fairy tales through the use of nonsense rhymes and illustrations. They will look at how a character goes on a journey during a story and how they find their way home in the end. During the second workshop children will be introduced to the world of Irish Myths and Legends such and I will read to them Fionn Mac Cumhall and the Children of Lir as well as poetry by WB Yeats.

The Magician’s Nephew and Gulliver’s Travels – 9-12 Year Olds

Children will be introduced to classical works of children’s literature by CS Lewis and Jonathan Swift. They will get the opportunity to write a poem about what it would be like to be Gulliver, and to create illustrations to accompany this. They will also have a chance to develop their creative writing skills by imagining where Polly vanishes to in The Magicians Nephew. They can include illustrations and a map to help her find her way back. Both these workshops will help develop children’s language and writing skills in a fun and exciting environment.


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