Now I know how it feels to run a race.

When I started my MA in Creative Writing in September the last thing I would have compared myself to is an athlete. However, the creative muscles in my brain have been well and truly stretched and exercised. I have delved into the dusty corners of my imagination and have surprised myself at what I have found there. To take the analogy one step further, the MA in Creative Writing Class of 2014 have had the proverbial baton passed onto them by some fantastic graduates such as Colin Barrett who won the Frank O’Connor International short story award and Susan Stairs the author of “the story of before” and Dave Rudden who is an amazing writer. Dave recently won literary death match and is being called the next JK Rowling. So there has never been a better time to complete the MA.We are cheered on and encouraged everyday by our fantastic lecturers Eilish ni dhuibhne, James Ryan, Paul Perry and Frank Mc Guinness. Already we have had guest writers into speak to us such as Donal Ryan, Ferdia Mcanna and I am delighted to say that Mr. Peter Murphy the author of Shall We Gather at the River and John the Revelator has agreed to come in and speak to us next term and we are all looking forward to that.

Now to get back to the race I mentioned earlier, I got first place in two competitions today and it felt fantastic and no it wasn’t for running, the first was for my knowledge on “the novel” how it is structured and delivered to the reader and the second was for my knowledge on folklore. As if winning wasn’t enough I was presented by Eilish ni dhuibhne with two wonderful books the first is called SURGE and is an anthology of new Irish writing which is published by Brandon an imprint of O’Brien press and the second is Sean O’Conaill’s Book, stories and traditions from Iveragh, this collection of stories, legends and folklore is even more special to me as it is Eilish’s personal copy so I intend to treasure it and I am sure I will be inspired by it. I can now appreciate that amazing feeling that comes when you win a race and I know that the question on everyone’s lips is “Will you take up athletics, Caroline?” the answer is no I think I will stick to writing although if they ever have a writing olympics you never know I might just give it a go.

Book Cover

Inside folklore book

Inside of Surge


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