Breathing Words

Being a writer allows you to delve into the library of imagination that exists in some place deep within. It enables you to string words together one by one until a sentence is born. You get to carve out characters who are so alive to you that you feel you have known them all of your life, you know their favourite colour what they ate for breakfast and what makes them laugh or cry. It enables you to visit strange landscapes that you previously only inhabited in your dreams, to feel the sun on your back and the bitter sting of rain on your tongue. Then one day you notice a book sat on shelf you hold it in your hands, the smell of the pages covers you like a hypnotic perfume and suddenly your book is real it is out in the world breathing on its own. However, it is no longer yours. A reader takes the book and brings meaning to the words as they turn back the pages and enter the world that writer creates.


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