Short stories to accompany art exhibition – Sift Painting



For the past few months I have been involved in an interesting collaboration. I was asked to create a written response to an art exhibition called Sift Painting. The exhibition will take place in the Church Institute in Enniscorthy. This is a beautiful old building which used to be a Victorian dance hall (1896) so there is plenty of inspiration. The exhibition will run for two weeks and will include work by six artists.

The opening of the exhibition will be a unique event. It will be a collaboration between the spoken and written word, painting, music and performance.

Peter Murphy author of “John the Revelator” and “Shall We Gather At The River” will do a spoken word performance at the event. I will be reading a selection of my work and the Enniscorthy Choral Society will perform on the night.

Sift is a co-curated project initiated by John Busher and Trudi van der Elsen. Without addressing a specific theme, the works examine emerging developments in contemporary painting practice. Sift is a reference to the physical act of filtering through source material, unearthing ideas, and the unexpected which can result from this. A common thread is formed, where image making, photographic referencing, place and memory rise to the surface. Largely grounded in the premise of figurative painting, the individual art practices explore a territory where this concern borders on abstraction.


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