Three book deal with Poolbeg

Three book deal with Poolbeg Press



I am delighted to announce that I have been offered a three-book deal with Poolbeg Press. It really does prove that hard work and determination pay off in the end.

My first novel “The Ghosts of Magnificent Children” will be released in October. It has been described as a dark fairy tale with a magical twist that leaves the reader wanting more.

The Ghosts of Magnificent Children

The year is 1848. Four magnificent children are captured in London by Badblood’s magical circus: Theo, Ginny, Millie and Archie. They are taken to the Island of Innis Rua to live with the wicked Witcherly Sisters.

Theo can look into your eyes and see how you are going to die.  And Ginny is the girl with a bird called blue living inside her ribcage.

One hundred years later the ghosts of the magnificent children appear on the night of a blood red moon, in a heart shaped graveyard on top of a mountain.

The Islanders on Innis Rua are superstitious. They have strange rituals and beliefs involving the blood red moon prophecy. Ezekial Power and the Island Keepers patrol the Island in search of the magnificent children.

The children cannot remember how they died but with the help of Rua Power and Thomas and Agatha, the couple living in the gravedigger’s cottage, they soon discover that things are much worse than they ever could have imagined.

I would like to thank my agent Tracy Brennan and Paula Campbell at Poolbeg Press for believing in me and my fantastical fairy tales.



10 thoughts on “Three book deal with Poolbeg

  1. Delighted for you Caroline and it sounds so intriguing, really looking forward to reading it. A huge congrats and a 3 book deal too – you’re going to be busy 🙂

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