The Girl Who Ate The Stars

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My highly anticipated second novel “The Girl Who Ate The Stars” was published by Poolbeg Press on 01st March 2018 and has received much critical acclaim.

Praise for The Girl Who Ate The Stars

An original, highly imaginative tale with gothic overtones.

Irish Examiner

The Girl Who Ate the Stars sings in the spaces between darkness and light, fear and courage, friendship and conflict. Riveting and moving, this is a spectacular read. The story is carefully woven, with descriptive passages that place the reader in the heart of its’ writing. It chills you to the core, then warms your heart with the determination and bravery of its’ characters.

Fallen Star Stories Blog

Captivating and intriguing The Girl Who Ate The Stars is a story that has it all. Featuring, a historical setting, fantasy, magical realism, mythology, adventure and mystery, this is a jam-packed story with a layered plot. Caroline Busher’s writing intertwines all of the threads and elements of this story in the most perfectly imaginative ways possible. Caroline’s descriptions are rich in detail creating a feeling as though you are climbing directly into the world of her imagination, making each chapter a gripping and unique read you won’t be able to put down.

Ruth Concannon – Reader in Residence Dublin City Libraries and Children’s Books Ireland Book Doctor

About The Girl Who Ate The Stars

Long ago in Ireland wolf children roamed the land. They lived deep within forests and on snow-capped mountains. Their world was known as Wolf Land. This is their story….

During world war two Lottie and Albert Hope are evacuated from wartime England. They are taken to a village in the South East of Ireland. Where nothing is as it seems.

One of Hitler’s bombs is dropped on the village. It opens a portal to Wolf Land.

They discover a wolf girl called Cuán. She has two hearts and eats the stars. Her claws are like daggers and her sapphire eyes are made of starlight. Cuán is not alone there are others like her. They need help to escape.

Wolf Land is ruled by the evil Deathhound and his wicked band of werewolf warriors.

In a race against time Lottie and Albert must rescue Cuán and the Wolf Children. A terrifying future that awaits them if the portal between the two worlds closes forever more.

Inspired by the World War Two Bombing of Campile in Wexford which took place on 26th August 1940.

For fans of the Irish Times Best Selling novel “The Ghosts of Magnificent Children.